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‘Boot Camp for Broncs’ Horsemanship Clinics are designed to teach you a set of horsemanship skills on the ground and in the saddle that will give you the tools you need to diagnose and eliminate resistances in your horse.
They are also the keys to building the right foundation of understanding in your horse.
Even at a higher level of performance resistance can appear because vital elements of the foundation in your horse are missing.

 It does not matter which equine discipline you are involved in from PC to Western and everything in between, you can only improve your horsemanship by learning these skills and then applying them within your own program.

It is so easy to organize a ‘Boot Camp for Broncs’ Horsemanship Clinic in your own area- The organizer attends for free! All you need is a safe venue to run the clinic, this can be PC grounds or private arena, showgrounds, Equestrian centre or your own place. Booking forms and flyers for advertising are all provided for you.

For Interstate Boot Camps you need a minimum of 8 paying riders

For Boot Camps held within Victoria you need a minimum of 5 paying riders.

The maximum number at Boot Camps is 12 riders to allow for all involved to get the individual attention and time that they are paying for.

The cost per rider for a full weekend is $350 per person.

The cost to attend one day (has to be the first day of the Boot camp) is $180 per person.

Contact Bianca for more information if you are keen to organize a ‘Boot Camp for Broncs’ in your own area or if you are interested in her 6 month ‘Principles of Leadership’ Foundation Horsemanship Course.