Obstacle TrainingObstacle Training

Bianca trains and competes in the equine obstacle sports of Extreme Cowboy Racing and International Mountain Trail. She offers coaching in both these disciplines and also tailor made training programs for performance horses including training and competing select horses for clients.

Training your horse to face challenging obstacles in a confident willing and relaxed manner involves teaching them to engage with and choose the obstacle themselves rather than be forced or 'made' to do the obstacle through applying negative pressure. This takes a great foundation of horsemanship and clear communication with your horse which is why Bianca is highly successful in these disciplines. Obstacle Training is such a fantastic way to enhance your horsemanship and challenge it plus giving your horse a purpose. Any level of horse and rider can compete in these fun sports.

Bianca offers Introduction Clinics into both sports and a range of Obstacle Training Days/Clinics /Private Lessons and once a year her special week long 'Challenge Camp' Bianca trains her own and clients horses at 'Clairemont Park Brave Horse Centre' located in Romsey, Victoria. Clairemont Park has an amazing outdoor obstacle course and full facilities. www.clairemontpark.com.au

Obstacle Training